Think twice before you purchase a miniature pig

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Published: 24th November 2010
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If you are looking for a pet Micro Miniature Pig, you may want to look at several factors before you make an "impulse" buy and bring one home.

Make sure that pigs are allowed in your area-usually city zoning does not allow pigs and does not consider them as a "pet" even if they are tiny.

Miniature pigs are smart animals and learn fast. You can put a kitty litter inside the house and teach it to go potty there. Your piglet should have a place where it can play, eat, sleep and go potty. Or if you have a fenced backyard you can make it use a dog door. Because of their inquisitive nature, pigs can get themselves into trouble so never leave your mini pig unsupervised.

Humans have intervened with nature with the noblest of intentions in the past, and things weren’t much different when it came to wild pigs. Many pig species were introduced to nonnative area’s as a source of prey that resulted in a large population of feral pigs who were destroying the local ecosystems they inhabited. Another source behind the increased feral populations of pigs is farmers would have one escape and they wouldn’t bother to retrieve them.

They are at risk to predators such as stray dogs, hawks and coyotes that will attack an unguarded pig.

The majority of domestic pigs are very docile and live for their stomachs. Potbellied pigs, miniature teacup pigs and Juliana pigs are the most docile and trainable of the pig breeds. Wild pigs should always be treated with caution and avoidance at all costs.

A routine practiced behavior that has given pigs the reputation for being filthy is that they like to wallow in mud. This is a relief to the heat for the pig and is a protective layer preventing sunburns and parasites from breaking through. Other than the hot sweltering summer months, pigs are very clean, even refusing to defecate in their sleeping quarters.

Be sure to have a good miniature pig veterinarian, as pigs require regular shots, and have a good pig-sitter on standby in case you have to leave for any overnight trips. Pigs do not require that much exercise but exercise and the proper diet are important to keep you piglet in good physical shape. Never feed your pig "human" food or scraps and do not feel them dog or cat food. There are many brands of Miniature Pig food on the market to choose from and they are specially formulated to keep your pig in good shape without getting obese.

Female pigs are called "Sows," and can deliver on average 2 piglets each year with a little time to breathe in between. The gestation period is a little over 110 days. The average litter will consist of 8 to 15 piglets. There are many parasitic and bacterial diseases that not only affect them, but break the barrier to infecting humans as well. Bronchitis and Pneumonia can be death to a pig since their lungs are not proportionate to their body mass. The most recent to afflict farmers was the spread of the "swine flu." This is thought to be a form of the human influenza virus. Needless to say this was devastating to farmers during 2008 and 2009. During August of 2010 press releases were issued that the outbreak was over.

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